A Women in Aviation International chapter is so much more than an aviation club. With a club, the goal is to have a good time. With a WAI chapter, you’ll have a great time and a lot of fun. And you and your fellow members will get involved in your community and encourage women of all ages to be their best in aviation and aerospace. As a chapter member, you’ll network with and mentor other WAI members at chapter meetings and chapter outreach events, and you’ll get to see the impact your chapter makes on a local level. And did we mention that you’ll have a great time doing all of it?

Starting a Chapter

  •  Contact WAI Outreach Director Molly Martin and share your intent to organize a chapter. She'll be there to provide you with direction, materials, and potential contacts.
  • Advertise/promote your new chapter with flyers, email, postcards, and invitations at local airports, flight schools, aviation and aerospace company lounges, college/university aviation department bulletin boards and anywhere else you think potential members may be.
  • ​Conduct an organizational meeting for prospective chapter members.
  • Identify 10 WAI members who will be charter chapter members (6 WAI members for collegiate and international chapters).
  • Elect provisional officers, determine meeting day and time and chapter dues.
  • Select your chapter name with your college, company, geographic area, or even something more creative. 
  • Form committees for areas that would be helpful in managing the chapter, such as outreach, membership, program, budget, bylaws, social media, marketing, etc.
  • Collect list of WAI members and new members’ applications and dues
  • Prepare and submit provisional chapter application with $100 fee (see Chapter Handbook, section 4)

From Provisional to Official—You’re Almost There

Once that’s accomplished, you’re a provisional chapter and have one full year to reach official status. To become official, the following need to be taken care of, but don’t forget—WAI is here to help!

  • Obtain Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) from IRS (U.S. Chapters)
  • Incorporate chapter in your state, province, or country
  • Prepare chapter bylaws
  • Obtain tax-exempt status – WAI group ruling or college/university
  • Elect board of directors
  • Plan community outreach and membership drive events
  • Prepare and submit official chapter application with $150 fee (see Chapter Handbook, section 5)

The Effort Is Worth It!

By starting a WAI chapter, you are putting into motion a support system that can benefit women and their aviation careers for years to come. There’s a bit of work involved, but the payoff is instant in the camaraderie you’ll share with like-minded individuals whose passion for aviation matches yours!

Corporate Members

Benefits of a WAI Membership

WAI members seek to inspire and stand for encouragement, continued education, and a whole lot of fun! If you’re a lover of all things aviation and aerospace, and enjoy sharing your passion with others, we’d love to have you! Membership includes job search opportunities, scholarship opportunities, access to mentors in your industry, and much more.

Become a Member