Thank You for Donating to Women in Aviation International!

Your generous contribution to WAI allows us to provide year-round resources to assist women further their aviation dreams and to encourage young women to consider aviation as a career. Your donations go directly toward funding our scholarship program, Girls in Aviation Day events, and our Annual Conference providing mentoring, education sessions, professional development, and networking opportunities.

The Wings Society

With your generous cumulative donation of $500 or more you will join The Wings Society. Donations will be tracked and donors acknowledged with a series of lapel pins to indicate their status.

The Wings Society has seven levels of recognition. The levels start with a pearl lapel pin for $500 to $999 in donations and escalate through bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and sapphire for cumulative donations in excess of $50,000.

Levels of contribution:
  Pearl$500 - $999
  Bronze$1,000 - $2,499
  Silver$2,500 - $4,999
  Gold$5,000 - $9,999
  Platinum$10,000 - $19,999
  Diamond$20,000 - $49,999
  Sapphire$50,000 and above

View current Wings Society members and also download fill-in donation [Here]

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   Any donation amount helps our programs reach farther and touch more lives.

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Women in Aviation International is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization; This donation may be used as a charitable tax deduction to the extent allowed under applicable law.