Scholarship FAQs

Do I have to be a current member of WAI to receive a scholarship?
Yes, your WAI membership status must be active to qualify.

Do I have to attend the conference to receive a scholarship?
No, attendance at the conference is not a requirement to receive a scholarship. However, there are many reasons to attend the conference other than the scholarships. For example, the conference provides a great way to network with other people in the aviation industry and learn about opportunities that you may never have known about otherwise.

I’m a guy – can I apply for a scholarship?
Yes, men can apply for scholarships as long as they meet the scholarship application critera.

I’m not a U.S. citizen. Can I apply for a scholarship?
Yes, unless the scholarship specifies that it is for U.S. citizens only.

Can I send my letters of recommendation separately from my scholarship application?
No. Only complete scholarship applications are accepted.

What if my school/work won't let me see my letter of recommendation?
Request multiple letters of recommendation, and submit the two that best fits your character.

Can my letters of recommendation be from family members?
The best ones are written by someone who has known you for over a year, has regular contact, and had already attained what you want to achieve.

To whom should the letters of recommendations be addressed to?
Letters should be addressed to Scholarship Committee.

Do you have to be in an aviation school to be able to apply?
If the scholarship specifies that you must be enrolled in an accredited aviation program then you must meet this requirement to apply for the scholarship.

What are my chances of receiving a scholarship?
The short answer to this question is that if you do not apply then your chances of receiving a scholarship are exactly zero. Some scholarships receive a large number of applications while others receive few. Make sure you are being truthful with yourself as you are applying for the scholarship—if you don’t have the qualifications needed for a particular scholarship then look at others that may be a better match.

Why can’t I apply for more than three scholarships? I want to apply for them all!
For the benefit of all our members, WAI’s policy is that you need to select three scholarships for which you are best qualified and apply for those. Internships are not included in the three per member scholarship limit.

Are you strict about the application deadline?
Yes. All applications will not be considered after the deadline date.

How can I maximize my chances of receiving a scholarship?
Make sure you spend time putting together a good package. Have someone you respect review it and offer constructive critiques of your essay and résumé. Speak with those who are writing letters of recommendation for you so that they understand what needs to be in their letters. And make sure you check the spelling and grammar in your essay and résumé! 

Will I be notified that my application was received?
When you apply online you will receive an email confirming that your submission was accepted.

I can’t get my essay below 1,500 words. Do you really expect me to say everything in 500 words?
This is where having someone you respect review your essay comes in. Good editing will allow you to get your point across in 500 words. Remember, many of the sponsors are reading several application packages, and they appreciate concisely written essays. Also, your essay is one part of the overall package—have your letters of recommendation give part of your story, the essay another part, and your résumé the final part.

What should be in the letters of recommendation?
Your letters of recommendation should highlight something significant that you want the scholarship sponsors to know. For example, you may opt to have a letter tell about how you are working multiple jobs to be able to take flight lessons or go to college. 

Do I have to submit a certified copy of my transcript? My college charges for each one.
If the scholarship description does not ask for a GPA/transcript then it is not required. 

What if I am a freshman and have not yet received an offical GPA by the deadline date? 
Be sure to include your adviser or faculty member contact information so the review committee can contact that person for further follow up.

I didn’t win a scholarship this year. Why should I apply again in the future?
As one former scholarship recipient said, "persistence pays!" She said for every scholarship she has received she has had to apply three times. Remember there are many highly qualified members applying for scholarships—keep updating your application package and apply again in the future. You never know when you will be the one who receives the scholarship!

Should I include photos of myself?
Unless the scholarship specifies it, do not include photos.

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