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Individual - aviation professionals and enthusiasts (U.S.A. residents only)   $45.00
Student - full-time high school or college students interested in aviation (U.S.A. only)   $32.00
International - aviation professionals and enthusiasts who live outside the United States   $55.00
International Digital - with digital magazine only   $42.00
International Student - full-time high school or college students who lives outside U.S.A.(1)   $45.00
International Student Digital - with digital magazine only (1)   $30.00
Corporate - organizations and/or companies that support the goals of WAI   $400.00
Supersonic Corporate - also includes member benefits for three additional employees(2)   $500.00
Lifetime - Under age 60 - Show your commitment and support for WAI and be entitled to all member benefits   $1,499.00
Lifetime 60+ - 60+ years old   $949.00

(1) Student memberships are for full-time high school students; undergraduate students with a minimum of 12 credit hours in college, university, or technical school; graduate students with a minimum of 6 credit hours; or a student at a Part 141 flight school.
(2) Please contact WAI with your three additional membership names and addresses.

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