Friday, July 25, 2014

Cover300CMYK.jpgAndrea Coppick, WAI 6452, fell in love with flying as a young girl when a friend of her mother's took them to lunch one day in her own airplane. Building on the memory of that day of adventure, her new children's book Georgia Goes to Lunch is about a fearless 7-year-old girl who loves to observe the world from the trees and rooftops of her neighborhood. When her mom's friend shows up one day to take them to lunch, Georgia is soon swept away to a little airport and embarks on a magical aviation adventure.

Andrea's own $100 hamburger experience as a child led her to Embry-Riddle University in Prescott, Arizona, where she completed an Aeronautical Science degree and met her future husband. After graduation and a wedding, the two moved to Alaska to pursue further education and she earned her A&P through the University of Alaska Fairbanks while building time as a flight instructor. Instructing offered the perfect level of flexibility for Andrea as she raised the couple's twin daughters, so she kept it up.
In 2000, she was hired with Horizon Air, where she flew for 13 years. In November 2013, she was hired by Alaska Airlines, flying the Boeing 737.

"I have been very lucky that I have just followed my interests in aviation and never had a final goal in mind," Andrea said. "This has led me to being very happy wherever I'm ad. I don't really care what I'm flying, as long as I'm up in the air."

Andrea says she's had a lot of help through her 20 years in aviation, and was inspired by the work Women in Aviation, International does. In 2009, she started the Dare to Dream scholarship with financial support from friends and family as a way to help others along, and in 2015 will award two $3,000 scholarships through the WAI scholarship program.

Writing Georgia Goes to Lunch fulfills another of Andrea's dreams: to be published. The story shares her love of flying and, she hopes, will inspire young girls to consider careers in aviation. The book can be purchased through the WAI Store for $7.95.

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