Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The past couple of conferences have seen greater numbers of attendees specifically interested in talking with exhibiting companies about career opportunities, and that focus has at times caused quite a bit of congestion in the exhibit hall. In an effort to serve the needs of our job seeking attendees and still provide an enjoyable conference experience for the majority of conference attendees, last year we instituted a fast pass process. Unfortunately, this did not solve the problem and we still saw long lines. Back to the drawing board we went!

The fast pass registration process was made electronic this year, allowing WAI members to pre-register and reserve their passes in advance. A priority point system was also instituted for distribution of the limited passes. Members were awarded one point for each year of WAI membership, plus two points for early conference registration, and one point for general conference registration. Beginning January 12, 2015, WAI members wishing to participate were able to log into the Members Only section of and rank their top five companies. Those with a full conference registration were issued passes for their top three choices (as available) and those with one day registrations were issued passes for their top two choices (as available). Physical passes are then included with the conference registration materials picked up onsite.

Face to face meetings, as scheduled through the fast pass system, will be held in separate rooms outside of the exhibit hall. It is our hope that this eliminates long lines throughout the conference, and thank all of our participating companies for helping develop and implement this process to the benefit of all.

For more information, visit the Fast Pass information desk in the Tower Lobby or visit

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