Thursday, March 5, 2015
At Wednesday’s Chapter Reception Rose Dorcey, WAI 12645, of the WAI Oshkosh Chapter was presented the Dorothy Hilbert Chapter Volunteer of the Year award for her contributions to her local chapter’s outreach and fundraising efforts.
For the past 4 years the Oshkosh Chapter has hosted a cupcake competition and, from the start, Rose has cheerfully lead the execution of the event. She has been passionately perfecting her cupcake baking and decorating skills, driving everyone in the chapter to try and go the extra mile with their own creations and giving the event and related cupcake sales throughout the year a positive reputation.
While the cupcakes were baking, Rose also worked hard to create effective marketing materials to promote the fundraiser to teams wishing to compete, and attract community members to come and buy. And when those details are squared away, she serves as an essential point-person for all things Frosting for Flight, making sure all of the additional event needs—from door prizes to thank yous—are met.
Above and beyond her key efforts toward the chapter’s annual fundraiser, Rose is a constant presence in chapter business and at monthly meetings, helping to coordinate speakers and chapter activities and promote the chapter within our local and statewide community.
A special thanks to Rose for all of her hard work on behalf of her chapter!

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