Ann Lewis Cooper

Year Inducted: 

Ann Lewis Cooper is a commercial pilot and flight instructor. However, she is best known for promoting women in aviation as an aviation author. She has authored more than 700 magazine articles, acted as editor of aviation publications, and written several biographies. As editor of Aero Brush, the newsletter of the American Society of Aviation Artists, Ann was instrumental in establishing an award for the "Best Art Depicting Women in Aviation." Ann co-authored Tuskegee Heroes" and How to Draw Aircraft like a Pro. Her biographies on women aviation pioneers include Rising Above it with Edna Gardner Whyte, On the Wing with Jessie Woods, Fire and Air, a Life on the Edge with Patty Wagstaff, How High She Flies with Dorothy Swain Lewis, and Weaving the Winds with Emily Howell Warner. Ann is an author who has created works that inspire others – to dream, to fly, and to write.

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