U.S. Marine Corps' First Class of Women Aviators

Year Inducted: 

U.S. Marine Corps’ First Class of Women Aviators is a group of 10 trailblazers who represent the first women to go through pilot and naval flight officer training in the U.S. Marine Corps. Marine women were allowed to fly in 1993 after the repeal of the combat exclusion law. These 10 women served their country with pride and determination during multiple deployments in both active and reserve assignments.  These pioneering women include: Lt. Col. Sarah "Dimes" Deal, Lt. Col. Traci "Powder" Hoffman, Capt. Susan "Xena" Jenkins, Maj. Melinda "Tink" Rizer Gould, Col. Alison "Rocky" Thompson, Maj. Donna "Gidget" Hesterman, Col. Karen Fuller "Stump" Brannen, Capt. Jeanne "Xena" Woodfin, Maj. Keri "NAG" Berman, and Maj. Christine "Mulan" Westrich

U.S. Marine Corps' First Class of Women Aviators induction video.

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