1999 Scholarship Winners

Airbus - Leadership Award
Brenda Wilmont

Airbus - A-320 type rating
Denise Kitson
Vickey McLendon

Aircraft Electronics Association
Melanie Meagher

Aircraft Technical Publishers - Maintenance Technician of the Year Award
Cathryn L. Harris

The Boeing Company
Melinda Pickering

Amelia Earhart Society
Judy Rice

American Airlines - Type Rating
Thaura Bell
Lindsey Wild

Bombardier Aerospace - Maintenance Training
Wendy Jean Boyes

Cessna - Private Pilot Training
Cindy Martin

Colleen Barrett Aviation Management
Julia Ballard

FlightSafety International - Certified Flight Instructor Training
Heidi M. Hopkins

FlightSafety International - Type Rating
Brooke Miller

FlightSafety International - Maintenance training
Larissa Ann Laraway

Flight Training magazine - Trip To Conference, All Expenses Paid
Sarah O’Brien
Lori Ann Puckett

Paul Irvin Memorial Scholarship
Kelliey McNamara

Jeppesen - Private Pilot Training
Laura Elizabeth Vollertsen
Ang Yu

Northwest Airlines - Type Rating
Trina Sprecher
Jessica Wheeler
Lea Ann Montgomery
Mary K. Plevnia

Simuflite Training International - Maintenance Training
Wendy Jean Boyes

Simuflite Training International - Citation Type Rating
Beverly Jane Christensen

United Airlines - Type Rating
Denise Marie Connell
Linda Sollars

United Airlines - Airline Maintenance Training
Kelliey McNamara
Marcia McNulty
Tigiset Hailu
Pamela Lindsey

WAI Achievement Award
Vivian Magaly DeCuba
Suzan L. Porter
Jill Noelle Schmidt

Women in Corporate Aviation
Laurie Ann Puckett
Amy Michelle Wheeler


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