2010 Scholarship Winners

Betsy Goldbach Aviation Scholarship
Claudia Retter

Dare to Dream Scholarship
Stephanie Luongo

Dassault Falcon Jet Corporation Scholarship
Marie Lynne Connelly

Elisha Hall Memorial Scholarships - Wright Chapter
Cindy Hasselbring

Flo Irwin/Aircraft Spruce Scholarship
Linda Kay Schumm

From Rose to Rise Scholarship
Megan Bohn

If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It - Scholarship
Joanna Chaplow

Janet Clark Memorial Scholarship - Washington State Chapter
Natalie Spencer

Kathy K. Hodgkins Memorial Scholarship
Kelly Nelson
Roberta Lee Hughes

R-W Foundation Award
Shannon Roth

Ride the Sun Scholarship
Linda Moody

Women in Aviation Management Scholarship
Lynne Marie Atkinson

Women in Aviation, International Achievement Award - Student
Laura Lee Cox
Amber Laree Sulzner

Airbus Leadership Grant
Alaina Brinley
Phanitsuda Atipan
Leja Noe

Airline Ground Schools, Inc. Scholarship
Emmaculate Muambo
Rahab Muiruri (Waithera)

Desert Jet Corporate Aviation Management Scholarship
Stacey Kotrla

Express Jet Airlines Regional Jet Transition Course
Bailey Ziemanski
Ana Maria Beltran

Telex Communications Flight Training Scholarship
Erin Hambrick

Women in Corporate Aviation Career Scholarship
Katrina Avery

Airline Dispatcher's Federation Scholarships
Samantha Dee Scharff

AOPA Student Pilot Scholarship
Camila Roy

Bombardier Business Aircraft Service Lear Jet 31A Pilot Type Rating
Katherine G Allen-Weber

CAE SimuFlite Corporate Aircraft Training Scholarship
Erin Elizabeth Conley

Delta Connection Academy Scholarship
Drew Rozhon

GAT Wings to the Future Management Scholarship
Lauren N Bohnert

Women in Aviation, International Achievement Award
Sarah Byrn Rickman

FedEx Express B727 Airplane Donation (to be used for Maintenance Training)
St Cloud University, Minnesota

Anne Bridge Baddour Aviation Scholarship
Tracy Alicia Baker

Boeing Company Career Enhancement Scholarship
Hilda Ombatta Jennifer Treese

ICAO - Training Scholarship
Air Transport Bureau: Susanne Edwards, Canada
Air Navigation Bureau: Jennifer Dianne Iversen, United States
Air Navigation Bureau: Nida Malik, Canada
Air Navigation Bureau: Felicia Nnenna Agubata, Nigeria
Air Navigation Bureau: Samantha Dee Scharff, United States

PAI Consulting Aviation Safety Scholarship
Kristine Kiernan
Ava Christine Nyulassy Shubat

Airbus A320 Type Rating Certificate Scholarships
Joline Ellen Tardiff
Nathalie Hacken

American Airlines and American Eagle Engineering Scholarship
Abhizna Butchibabu

Continental Airlines 737 Flight Training Scholarship
Keelyn Brown
Anna Robertson
Laura Harper
Marjorie Melchreit
Jenna Halsey
Christine Bungo
Nathalie Hacken
Mary Lou Johnson

Keep Flying Scholarship 2010
Lindsey Gail Nelson

Pratt & Whitney Maintenance Scholarships
Rebekah Laurel Bennett
Nellita Brown
Anna Romer
Leslie Quist-Adinyira
Stephanie Higa
Gina Wesley

Pioneers of Aviation WASP Memorial Scholarship
Christine Calderon
Morgan Jones
Kara Clifford
Sally Woodrum

Women Military Aviators - Dream of Flight Scholarship
Elizabeth Brothers

Chuck Yeager Foundation Award
Caroline d'Otreppe

Delta Air Lines Maintenance Technology Scholarship
Hilda Ombatta

Delta Air Lines Aviation Maint Mgmt/Business Mgmt Scholarship
Miyukiko Kostelny

Delta Air Lines Boeing B737-800 Type Rating Certificate Scholarships
Sarah Anne Preedy
Amanda Leigh Browne

Delta Air Lines Engineering Scholarships (Includes Conference Trip)
Brahmanage Judith Marie Sharnez Perera

Women in Aviation International would also like to thank ASTAR Air Cargo, American Airlines and American Eagle Airlines for their numerous travel awards that allowed many of these scholarship recipients to attend the 2010 International Women in Aviation Conference to receive their awards.

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